100 bae challenge sims 4 rules 2022

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100 bae challenge sims 4 rules 2022

We all know about the 100 Baby Challenge…but what about the 100 Bae Challenge? Join Simmer and Youtuber Kelsey Impicciche in this riveting journey of love and passion where Sims attempt to maintain 100 romantic relationships from Oasis Springs to Willow Creek. Will she find the one(s) or will she leave behind a trail of broken hearts?

Want to join in? Prepare accordingly with the following for your own journey of love…

1. A Romantic Sim – I mean, of course, romance is the name of the game. You need a Sim that knows a thing or two about romance to play the part.

2. One Starter Home – where the action will take place! This lot must fit within a single Sims 20,000 Simoleon starter budget.

Want a little more challenge? – Don’t give your single Sim a home. After all, home is where the heart is, so hop between one or two -or eight – Baes’ homes for sleepovers throughout the challenge.

3. Your Sims’ Lot must have the Convivial trait – It will help…or at-least we hope so!

4. Reach Level 10 of the Charisma skill – because what is a Bae without charm?


Now, now…despite the chaos of 100 lovers, we do need to have some order. Just a couple of required guidelines, so we all can play on the same field.

1. No cheating – meaning no cheat codes! We can’t really speak on the relationship side.

2. Your Sim cannot have a job or even a freelance career. Love is 24/7 and your Sim is fully dedicated to Romance. Dating IS their job – a full time one at that – so you better start asking for loans!

3. If any of your baes ask you on a date, you MUST stop what you are doing to go on the date!

4. And last but not least, and this one is completely optional, share your own builds and Baes on The Sims 4 Gallery with 100BaeChallenge! Who knows, one of your Baes may end up 4 – or 47…or 68 – in Kelsey’s love life. 

Have fun, and let the romancing begin!

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