Sims 4 Extreme Violence Mod

by MiCat
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Sims 4 Extreme Violence Mod

This Extreme Violence Mod allows you to shoot, stab, strangle, and even chainsaw other sims!

The Sims 4 Violence Mod serves as a mature mod format. You can surely download the same if you do not take gaming and the activities involved in it much seriously. This is because the mod has been designed to provide you a realistic murder or violence experience which tends to affect the weak minds.

How can you install the Extreme Violence Mod Sims 4?

  • Scroll down through the page to locate the icon mentioning “Extreme Violence Mod”
  • Now click on the same
  • The files need to be downloaded to the Mods Folder. So click over it & move all the contents downloaded by you to the mods folder by following this pathway: Electronic Arts>Sims 4> Mods> Mod
  • Now, open the sims 4 game and access the mod through the custom options in the game.

V 2.3.2

  • Added 2 new murders for star wars fans (Deadly Interactions)
    • Slash With Light Saber
    • The Choke Force
  • Added “Bhad Bhabie” NPC to the gangs menu
  • When you invite her over, she’ll go around yelling “Catch me outside, how about that?”
  • Snatch sims weaves
  • Steal sims Money
  • Punch sims

If you’re having a problem with the text showing up, please delete the current version that you have and install the updated version that I just uploaded.
Thank you ♥

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