The Sims 4 100 Baby Challenge v2 (CL / Toddlers)

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The Sims 4 100 Baby Challenge v2 (CL / Toddlers)

This is the thread for the second version of the 100 Baby Challenge for Sims 4. This thread will be updated with additional rules whenever necessary.

The objective of this challenge is to give birth to 100 babies in as few generations as possible. It ends as soon as the 100th baby is born. You lose the challenge if you break the rules or if your matriarch ages up into an elder without there being a heiress to take over.


  • Create one female young adult sim or download one from the gallery. This is your starting Matriarch. While it is suggested that you pick at least one trait that will help you in the challenge such as romantic, family oriented or creative her appearance and traits are up to you.
    GTW  Your matriarch can be an alien.
    VP  Your matriarch can not be a vampire.


  • You can move your matriarch into any house or lot you desire. You must use only the starting funds provided. You can not use cheats of any kind that give free lots or more money. Matriarchs can move at any time as long as they can afford the new house or lot without the use of cheats.


  • In the game options, set the lifespan to normal and either enable auto-aging for played households or for only the active household if you want to play with your matriarch’s children as well. You can decide whether you want the townies to age or not, if you allow them to age they might die before you are able to have babies with them but if you don’t allow them to age you might run out of fathers at some point. Restocking of the neighborhood with potential fathers may be done as needed.

100 Baby Challenge

100 Baby Challenge Gameplay


  • Children are aged up as follows:
    Babies can only be aged up on their natural birthday.
    Toddlers can be aged up either when they reach level 3 in all skills or when they max out three skills or on their natural birthday.
    Children can be aged up as soon as they get an A in school or on their natural birthday.
    Teenagers can be aged up as soon as they get an A in school as well or on their natural birthday.

Having Children

  • Your matriarch can not get pregnant by the same sim twice. One pregnancy per father. Pregnancies resulting in multiple births are fine and each child is still counted toward the total.
    GTW: Your matriarch can give birth at the hospital, however please be aware that the ley line lot trait only works if you conceive and give birth at home.
  • There are no restrictions as to who can father children in this challenge but none of the fathers can move into the household or contribute to it in any way other than impregnating your matriarch once.
  • You can adopt children without penalty, however they do not count towards the total so it’s not recommended to do so.
  • Your children’s traits and aspirations have to be randomized, you can not choose them yourself. You can either use the random trait generator from Pinstar’s Legacy Challenge, which can result in the child inheriting a trait of its parents, or if you don’t want to bother finding out the father’s traits you can also use this random sim generator or you can even use dice. Whatever way you’d like to go about it as long as the traits are randomized is fine.
  • You are not allowed to influence the gender of the children, therefore your matriarch can not listen to pop or alternative during her pregnancy and she may not eat carrots or strawberries either.

Changing Matriarchs

  • When your matriarch becomes an elder the last daughter she had takes over and becomes the new matriarch. If the new matriarch is not yet a young adult the old matriarch has to stay on the lot to raise her. Once the new matriarch is a young adult you can move out the old matriarch to make room for more children. If there are still any underage children left in the household at the time of a matriarch change, they must remain in the household to be raised by the new matriarch as usual in order to be counted.
  • Your matriarch can only get married when she becomes an elder and her last daughter is ready to become the next matriarch, once she is married however she has to move out of the household to live with her husband. She can have boyfriends while she’s of child bearing age but she can not become engaged to them, nor can any of them move into the challenge house.
  • Children who have reached the young adult life stage can move out of the household to make room for more children but they can never move back in.
  • In 100 Baby Challenge You are not allowed to make more room in the household by killing off underage sims. For that reason your matriarch’s children only count towards the 100 babies once they have reached the young adult lifestage. The only exception to this is when the 100th child is born, at that point any underage children are counted and the challenge ends.


  • Your matriarch or her heiresses can never have a job that requires them to leave the lot. They can make money by any other means, for example by selling their paintings, books or garden produce.
    GTW: Your matriarch may own a retail business, however this requires you to invest a lot of money upfront and you’ll have less time to bring up your children’s grades and skills.
    CL: Your matriarch may have any of the careers that came with City Living however she must always work from home.
  • Teenagers can have a career to contribute towards the household funds.

Leaving the Lot

  • Your matriarch can leave the lot at any time. She can visit any lot to find collectibles, hunt for donors or play for tips.
    OR: Your matriarch can go on vacation in Granite Falls to hunt for donors or find collectibles, however in this case she has to bring the whole household with her. She is not allowed to go on vacation when she’s pregnant.

Rewards and Traits

  • You are allowed and encouraged to buy the fertile aspiration reward trait. Any other ingame rewards or traits that you’ve earned by completing aspirations, whims and throwing social events can be used as well, except for those that would allow you to extend the lifespan of a sim or to save them from death.
  • If you want to use lot traits, you can either choose which one you’d like or you can randomize them every 5th child. Using them is completely optional however and you’re not forced to add them at all if you don’t want to.

Custom Content

  • You are not allowed to use any mods or custom content that give you an unfair advantage over other players, this includes mods that allow you to have more than eight sims in a household. You are allowed to use any and all cosmetic custom content though.


  • You are not allowed to use any cheats that give you an unfair advantage over other players, this includes money cheats, motive fulfilling cheats, skill cheats, school performance cheats, satisfaction point cheats and cheats that unlock special objects. The moveobjects cheat is allowed and so is resetting sims to resolve glitches.


  • While you are allowed to use any service like the nanny or scheduled maid you are not allowed to buy the free services reward trait as it allows you to exploit a glitch in the game.

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