The Sims 4 Black Widow Challenge – Rules

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The Sims 4 Black Widow Challenge – Rules

In Black Widow Challenge, main concept is that your sim marries plenty of times. However, they kill each one of their spouses. 

Black Widow Challenge Rules:

Gameplay Options:

Option 1: With this option, you can choose to move into your spouses’ houses. You will have to keep all of the tombstones on the lot. However, keep in mind that this will cause the house to become “haunted”.

Option 2: You can live on your own lot. But, you will have to manually keep track of all of your killings.

Here is a guideline on how to start the challenge:

  • Set your sims’ lifespan to normal. Then, create a sim that is a Young Adult. Give them the three following traits: Romantic, Snob, and Materialistic.
  • Your sim’s aspiration has to be “Love”. The aspiration’s sub-category has to be “The Serial Romantic”.
  • Move your sim into a lot or house.
  • Meet a sim and get married!
  • Then, have a dinner party to show everyone that you’re the perfect couple. Be careful, because the dinner party has to have a silver rating minimum.
  • After the party, find yourself a new romantic interest.
  • Then, get caught cheating and enter a fight with your husband.
  • Kill off your husband and marry the new guy! Inscribe the tombstone with “(Name) – Died by Black Widow”
  • Repeat the process until you have at least 10 tombstones.

Black Widow Challenge rules:

  • Your lifespan has to be set to normal. Otherwise, you would have a significant advantage.
  • Stop ageing on all households, except yours.
  • You can’t use any mods or cheats whatsoever. But, you can do so if you need to reset a sim.
  • It is up to you if you will have any kids. However, having kids counts as extra points.
  • Your sim can’t have a job. The only way they can make money is by the people they target.
  • You can only marry single sims. That’s because of a glitch that will end up making you broke.
  • You can’t repair any items. But, you can choose to replace them.
  • Your black widow sim must max out both the Cooking and Charisma skills.

Difficulty levels:

  • Novice: Finish the challenge with either Charisma or Cooking maxed out. You don’t need both for novice.
  • Normal: Finish the whole challenge before dying.
  • Specialist: Complete both the challenge and Serial Romantic aspiration by the time the black widow is an elder.
  • Legendary: Complete both the challenge and Serial Romantic aspiration. However, this time do so by the time the black widow is an adult

Check out the full list of rules and the scoreboard here.

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