7 Dwarves Legacy Challenge – Sims 4

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7 Dwarves Legacy Challenge

7 Dwarves Legacy Challenge by: PHDSIMMER

This new legacy challenge with 7 generations based on the personalities of the 7 Dwarves from Snow White. just basing this on the names/personalities of the dwarves, there is no requirement to recreate them or name your sims this way! Below are the rules for each generation, unless stated you can do whatever else you wish!

You may follow the general legacy challenge rules if you want. It is advised that you do not use cheats. If you want to share your gameplay use #7DLegacy.


Generation 1: Doc – You are the founder of your legacy, smart and kind, career focused but love your family life too. You want to help people and so have used your brains to get through medical school and join the medical career.
Traits: Genius, Ambitious and Self-Assured
Aspiration: Successful Lineage
Career: Medical
Rules: You must reach the top of medical career and max either logic or programming. You must also complete your aspiration and have at least two children.


Generation 2: Sneezy – Your parent is a successful doctor but you still manage to always be ill. Perhaps it’s because you spend so much time outside? You love the outdoors, animals and collecting all sorts of interesting things. You’d never dream of eating meat and your favourite thing in the world is to go camping with your family/friends and play your guitar by the camp fire. One day you hope to meet the mysterious Hermit of Granite Falls.
Traits: Vegetarian and then pick two from Loves the Outdoors, Cat Lover or Dog Lover.
Aspiration: Choose either The Curator or Friend of the Animals
Career: Choose either Gardening or Run a Vet Clinic
Rules: Complete your aspiration and at least one collection (e.g. frogs/insects). You must also meet the Hermit of Granite Falls. You must max the veterinary skill or gardening skill depending on your career choice and either the flowering arranging or herbalism skill.


Generation 3: Happy – You’ve always got a smile on your face and look on the bright side of life. Every cloud has a silver lining after all! You want to be the perfect parent but also strive to make a difference in the world and so decide to adopt and join the politics career.
Traits: Cheerful, Family-Orientated and Good
Aspiration: Super Parent
Career: Politics – Charity Branch
Rules: Max the parenting, home-style cooking and charisma skills. You do not have to finish the career but must at least reach level 5 and chose the Charity Branch. You must complete your aspiration. You must have a minimum of three children and at least one must be adopted.


Generation 4: Bashful – Being the middle child you’ve always been ignored but it doesn’t bother you as you hate being center of attention. You don’t have many friends, but do have one best friend who you have a secret crush on. You are creative and spend your time doing creative things.
Traits: Un-flirty, Perfectionist and Creative
Aspiration: Choose either Painter Extraordinaire or Bestselling Author
Career: Choose either Painter or Writer
Rules: Heir must be the middle child. You must max either the painting or writing skill as well as the photography skill. You must complete your aspiration. You must marry a childhood friend and become BFFs. Your heir for Gen 5 must finish high school with a C grade.


Generation 5: Sleepy – Your parents were pretty laid back and you’ve adopted that lifestyle. You hate the 9-5 rat race and have never tried hard at school. With only a C grade you’re career options are limited. You get a job at a local restaurant as a dishwasher but soon find you have a love of food and decide you want to be a Master Chef! But when things get tough you decide to switch career paths and join the Food Critic career so you can work from home to the hours that suit you.
Traits: Lazy, Slob and Foodie
Aspiration: Master Chef
Career: Culinary then Critic (Food Branch).
Rules: Max gourmet cooking and writing skill. Reach level 8 of culinary career then switch to critic career and reach level 5 and chose Food Branch. You do not have to finish the Critic Career. You must complete aspiration. You must have only one child.


Generation 6: Grumpy – You’ve grown up having the best of the best! As an only child, you’re used to getting what you want and always being the centre of attention … and so when you’re not you get angry and frustrated. The only way you can keep calm is through your hobby of music. You work hard in any career you decide to take but more than once a bad day at work has caused you to quit or walk out in a fit of rage.
Traits: Hot headed, Mean and Snob
Aspiration: Renaissance Sim
Career: Any 3
Rules: Max at least one musical instrument skill (violin, piano, guitar) and then the DJ or singing skill. You must complete aspiration. You must get married, have at least one child and then get divorced. 7 Dwarves Legacy Challenge


Generation 7: Dopey – You’re a child from a broken home but have always been able to make people laugh … they just don’t realise you use comedy to hide your insecurities. You love to bake and dream of opening your own café, but instead you decide to do what you are good at and join the entertainment career. However, your dreams only become stronger and one day you decide to quit your job and take the plunge and open your business!
Traits: Clumsy, Glutton and Childish
Aspiration: Joke Star
Career: Entertainer (Comedian Branch). Then restaurant/business owner.
Rules: Max Baking and comedy skills. Reach level 5 of Entertainer career and chose the comedian branch. Quit your job at some point, open a restaurant or bakery and get 5 stars. You do not have to complete your career or aspiration.

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