Sims 4 Kpop CC and Mods (ALL FREE)

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Sims 4 Kpop CC and Mods (ALL FREE)

Hi, today I will show you the best cc and mods where you will experience kpop culture in sims 4.

K-Pop (or Korean pop or Korean popular music) is a musical genre and industry using a mix of electronic, hip hop, pop, rock, R&B, and other music. It began in South Korea. As well as music, K-pop has grown into a popular subculture among teenagers and young adults throughout Asia.

Whether you like it or not, kpop is now everywhere, including sims.


CC by: Simpliciaty

 Sleek middle part hairstyle, with two tone front strands version! 🖤

54 swatches + 20 two tone swatches; ;Toddler & Child versions available;Enabled for all genders;HQ mod compatible;Custom Shadow Map;Smooth weighting;Hat compatible;


CC by: Simpliciaty

Cute short bob hairstyle, with overgrown bangs! 🥰
36 swatches;Toddler & Child versions available;Enabled for all genders;HQ mod compatible;Custom Shadow Map;Smooth weighting;Works with hats;

Sims 4 Kpop Elba Hairstyle V2

CC by: #enriques4

[EnriqueS4] Elba Hairstyle V2

  • New Mesh
  • Maxis Match
  • All Lods
  • Base Game Compatible
  • Work with hats
  • 18 Colors by EA


CC by: Trillyke

Asymmetric skirt with a bow detail on one side.

  • custom thumbnail
  • 18 swatches
  • base game compatible
  • edited EA mesh by Trillyke

Frayed Hem Jeans

CC by: waekey

Frayed Hem Jeans

  • New mesh / EA mesh edit
  • Category: bottoms (women)
  • Age: teen / young adult / adult / elder
  • 6 swatches

Solo Glitter Hairpins

CC by: Pralinesims

Under hats, 2 versions are included, one fits perfectly to Adedarma’s Luna Hair, the second one is a bit more loose and works on a couple of hairs. Please note that the hair pins won’t fit with every single hair out there.

Glittery bobby pins in 4 colors, inspired by BLACKPINK’s Jennie.

Piercing Set N12

CC by: Pralinesims

Piercings inspired by BTS’ Jimin.

All genders, 10 colors.

S-Club LL ts4 eyeliner 201701

CC by: S-Club

Eyeliner for pretty women, 4 styles include, enjoy !

Flower Chamber: Kpop Girls Groups Dance Postures Set V.1

Pose by: Flower Chamber

The Sims 4 K-Pop Star Mod


This mod lets your sims become k-pop stars. You will start as a nobody and work your way up to becoming a k-pop legend.

More info:

Other Mods for The sims 4

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