Moonwood Mill – Tunnels

by MiCat
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Moonwood Mill - Tunnels

In the underground of the world there is a tunnel system with 3 hidden entrances.

Your Sims can enter the tunnels, they disappear and pop-up messages with various click options appear. Special items can be found in the tunnels.


If your Sims are more familiar with the tunnels, they can also use them as shortcuts to get from one entrance to the other.

There is an underground bunker by the bar in Moonwood Mill that only werewolves can enter.


  • One of the portal potty stalls has a graffitied arrow pointing down into a dark underground passageway. As Luna descens, she finds herself deep below Moonwood Mill in what appears to be a series of tunnels. Where do they lead?
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As Luna crawls under a particularly low stretch, she notices that the tunnel splits into three paths up ahead. From one path comes a faint but magical-sounding melody, down another the lingering scent of garlic, and down the third a welcoming bit of fresh air on the breeze.

  • Follow the Magical Melody
  • Head Towards the Garlic
  • Find the Fresh Air


  • As luna is making her way through the tunnel. she starts making up a song in her head. ‘Secret Tun-nel… Secret Tun-NEL!’ It’s a catchy song. She’ll have to remember it.
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Old, braided garlic cloves dangle from the walls along the twisting tunnel. Eventually, Luna comes across a large, metal box with a barred door. She tests the bar and finds that it can be lifted with a bit of effort.

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  • Go inside


luna seems to come to a dead end, before noticing a small ledge off to the side. It’s a bit of a tight squeeze, but Luna manages to clamber up and finds a set of three different tunnels. The one that heads left seems littered with debris and gives off a rusty scent. The one in the middle smellsa lot like garlic. Only the tunnel to the right has a pleasant odor: the smell of fresh air.

  • Navigate the Debris
  • Find the Fresh Air


The Tunnel starts to snake around before heading upwards at a gradual incline. Eventually, light can be seen in the distance. The dirt walls give way to metal ones, and Luna exits out of a bunker door.

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