The Sim 4 UI cheats

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The Sim 4 UI cheats

The Sim 4 UI cheats

The Sim 4 UI cheats / sims 4 ui cheats / ui cheats extension sims 4 / sims 4 cheat codes / ui cheats mod sims 4

Cheats and CodesEffect
headlineeffects on/offUse ‘on’ to enable headline effects above sims and use ‘off’ to disable
resetsim[simFirstname][simLastname]Reset the named sims if they have become stuck
fps on/offUse ‘on’ to enable FPS display on the corner of the screen and use ‘off’ to disable it
hovereffects on/offUse ‘on’ to enable hover effect over a sim and use ‘off’ to disable it
fullscreen ToggleEnable switching game between fullscreen and windowed mode.

Credit : Ea

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