New Pack for Sims 4 ! And [REDACTED] Game(?)

by Burak
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New Pack for Sims 4 ! And [REDACTED] Game(?)

Sim Gurus are back at it with their cryptic tweets. Twitter hype up the new [REDACTED] game that comes with a new [REDACTED] world, that let’s you play with a bunch of [REDACTED] Sims. That means… new content! New Pack for Sims 4 !

SimGuruGeorge tweeted out a seemingly routine tweet, asking players if they can only play in one world for the whole weekend.

 SimGuruFrost replied with  “I choose [REDACTED].” After that, the Sim Gurus did make a series of tweets around this theme of secrecy back before the official announcement for the StrangerVille game pack was made.

Some believe that a new occult type Sim may be coming to The Sims 4 but we can predict is that some kind of new content is most likely on the horizon and we are very excited for this!

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