Sims 5 – This is known for the next Sims generation

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Sims 5 - This is known for the next Sims generation
  • Objects can be changed modularly. A sofa was shown with several options for the backrest.
  • The color tool returns: Colors and patterns can be freely determined.
  • Individual aspects of the objects, for example cushions on a sofa, can be placed and changed freely.
  • Various content should be even easier to share among players. The composition of an object group can also be shared in this way.
  • A demo was shown playing the game on a PC and a smartphone at the same time.

Please note: the images are from an extremely early development version and do not show the final look.

The color tool is coming back. There are also different patterns to choose from. Some aspects of the objects can also be adjusted, such as the backrest of the sofa shown.

As with this sofa, individual additional objects can be freely placed on top of larger objects.

In addition, a first look at the object catalog is possible.

Another sequence shows how the game can be played seamlessly on two different platforms (here PC and mobile).

EA also shared this statement:

With Project Rene, players will have the choice to play solo or collaborate with others, and will have the ability to play their game across supported devices.

This confirms that there will be a multiplayer option in addition to a single player mode.

The sims 5 project rene officially announced

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