The Sims 4’s Hidden Lots

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The Sims 4’s Hidden Lots

The Sims 4’s Hidden Lots which can be accessed through specific interactions with certain objects. Once visited, the secret lots can be travelled to directly from their portal. Sims with Level 7 wellness skill can teleport to the secret lots while meditating if they have previously visited the lot.

Sylvan Glades (Willow Creek)

Sylvan Glades is one of The Sims 4’s Hidden Lots. To access this lot, you will need to visit the “Crick Cabana” lot, and head over to the Sylvan Tree behind the home. The tree is located on public space.

Willow Creek’s secret lot is Sylvan Glade, and it can be travelled to through interactions with the Sylvan Tree located in Foundry Cove, adjacent to the Crick Cabana lot.

In order for the portal appear, a Sim must first “Water” the tree, then “Compliment Leaves” and then “Talk”. Entering the portal triggers a text adventure, which must be completed in a specific manner in order to travel to the lot. 

To unlock Sylvan Glades select the following:

  • Follow the Sound
  • Follow Downstream
  • Enter the Mist

Once you enter Sylvan Glades, your Sim will find the following collectibles: Treefish (exclusive),Cherry Tree, Pear Tree, Snapdragon, Lily, Bluebell, Strawberry, Mushroom, Basil, Minerals, Fish and Frogs.

Forgotten Grotto (Oasis Springs)

Forgotten Grotto is Oasis Spring’s hidden lot. To access this lot, you will need to visit the “Dessert Bloom Park” or the “Affluista Mansion”, and find the abandoned Mine Cave. Even though the Cave is located on public space, your Sim must have a Level 10 in the Handiness skill in order to “break” the barriers.

Oasis Springs’ secret lot, called Forgotten Grotto, can accessed through an abandoned mine entrance found behind Desert Bloom Park, and Affluista Mansion.

 Each of the entrances requires Handiness of level 10 to be pried open, and become accessible.

To unlock Forgotten Grotto select the following:

  • Take the Wide Path
  • Climb the Ladder
  • Step Onto the Ledge

Once you enter Forgotten Grotto, your Sim will find the following collectibles: Batfish (exclusive), Mushrooms, Onions, Sage, Potato, Lily, Minerals, Fish and Frogs.

Secret Neighborhood: Hermit’s House

The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat

The National Forest is home to exclusive collectibles and a third secret neighborhood called Hermit’s House. Hermit’s House is home to the Hermit NPC, an exclusive Herbal Remedy Recipe, the rare Will-o-the-Wisp, and the rare Mountain Lionfish. To enter this neighborhood, locate the Bramble Patch in the dense part of the forest. Below is a map showing where the bramble patch can be found.

Once you find the bramble patch, click on it to “Explore”. This will prompt adventure like text on the screen, and as long as you select the right answers, you will unlock the hidden neighborhood.

To unlock Hermit’s House:

  • Step Forward
  • Keep Walking
  • Sally Forth/Ignore Object
  • Travel Towards Sim

Hermits will vary in gender on a game to game basis, but they are all fairly easy to befriend. Once you become “Good Friends” with the hermit, you can select the “Learn Herbalism Recipe” interaction to acquire the recipe for the Fungal Infusion Fertilizer Remedy. This is the only way to learn the recipe.

Aside from learning new recipes and befriending hermits, be sure to utilize your time in Hermit’s House by gathering some collectibles. Many of the rare collectibles make this place their home, including the Will-o-the-Wisp and Mountain Lionfish. You will not find these two collectibles anywhere else.

The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat


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