Wellness Skill – The Sims 4 Guides

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Wellness Skill – The Sims 4 Guides

Wellness Skill Guide to Yoga, Meditation, and Massage Types

The Sims 4’s Wellness Skill comes with the Spa Day Game Pack. The Skill is all about focusing the mind and relaxing the body. Through ancient techniques like Yoga and Meditation, Sims might obtain a font of happiness for themselves and others should they master it. The Skill offers loads of positive Moodlets that can affect the practitioner as well as other Sims who get to enjoy their gifts. This guide will show you around the Skill, levelling it, and how to bestow its benefits upon your Sims.

As with most Skills, there are 10 levels that can be achieved with the Wellness skill.

  • Level 1 – Practice Yoga, do routines, meditate and give hand/foot massages
  • Level 2 – Discuss Cognitive Focusing Methods Social, Bake Sugar Free Carob Coconut Cake, Yoga Boat Pose Unlocked.
  • Level 3 – Give Aromatherapy Massage. Yoga Triangle Pose Unlocked
  • Level 4 – Offer Mental Relaxation Tips Social unlocks, can do the Tree Pose in Yoga
  • Level 5 – Give Deep Tissue Massage, Unlocks Warrior Pose in Yoga, and Sims may levitate while Meditating
  • Level 6 – Give Sports Massage, Suggest Visualization Techniques Social. May do the Lord of the Dance Pose in Yoga
  • Level 7 – Can make Superfood Salad, do the Bridge Pose in Yoga, and may teleport when levitating during Meditation
  • Level 8 – Can Recommend Self Esteem Exercises, Give Stone Massage, and perform Handstand Pose in Yoga
  • Level 9 – Can give Fertility Massage
  • Level 10 – Brew Lemon Honey Ginger Detox Tea and Share Detox Secrets


The yoga poses available at level 1 are the Greeting Pose , Corpse Pose, Downward Facing Dog, Half Moon, and Side Plank.

The more advanced you get in the wellness skill, the more poses you unlock.

You can also advance your Wellness skill by attending Yoga classes at your local spa. When you arrive at the spa, there will be a Sim that arrives wearing a tank top bearing the official Spa logo and a symbol above his or her head. You should receive a notification saying that a Yoga Class will be beginning in 30 minutes and to let the instructor know if you’d like to join the class.  If you choose to join, simply click on the instructor and select to join the class.

There are 3 different classes that are offered at 110 Simoleans a piece. Each of the classes gives a different buff after completing the class. Effects are not as pronounced when your Sim does it alone when compared to a class. The Moodlets provided by Yoga are:

Yoga RoutineTaking ClassSolo Routine
Brain Boosting12h +2 Inspired Moodlet8h +1 Inspired
Energy Centering12h +2 Energized Moodlet8h +1 Energized
Mind Concentrating12h +2 Focused Moodlet8h +1 Focused


With the meditation stool, your Sims can now find inner peace.

There are a couple of pretty neat things that meditating does. If your Sim is overwhelmed with a negative buff, like embarrassment from an awkward flirtation, have your Sim meditate and watch their worries melt away.

At level 5 of the Wellness skill, your Sims can levitate while meditating.

At level 7, they can teleport anywhere in the neighborhood! The other cool thing is, Sims with that high of skill in Wellness don’t even need the stool to meditate and teleport – they can do it right where they’re standing.


Wellness practitioners can give great massages, but all Sims can give massages that are worth getting. Having someone in your own household learning Wellness is worth it for the excellent massages. A stone massage that costs $300 at the spa can be given at home free of charge, aside from the initial investment of a massage table. It only offers +1 Happiness, but lasts a whopping 24 hours! One of the best Moodlets in The Sims 4, for sure. Aromatherapy massages give Sims the ability to give others specific emotional boosts and will be very helpful.

Massage Table Massages

Swedish Massage ($120)+1 12h Happy Moodlet
Deep Tissue Massage ($180)+1 24h Happy Moodlet
Sports Massage ($230)+1 12h Energized Moodlet
Stone Massage ($300)+1 24h Happy Moodlet
Lavender Aromatherapy ($140)+1 12h Focused Moodlet
Yiang Yiang Aromatherapy ($140)+1 12h Inspired Moodlet
Lotus Blossom Aromatherapy ($140)+1 12h Confident Moodlet
Mint and Rosemary Aromatherapy ($140)+1 12h Energized Moodlet
Fertility Massage (Female Only, $380)+1 12h Happy Moodlet, increased likelihood of twins/triplets.

Hand/Foot Massages

Low Wellness Skill Hand Massage+1 4h Happy Moodlet
High Wellness/Masseuse Hand Massage$40 from Masseuse. +2 4h Happy Moodlet
Low Wellnes Skill Foot Massage+2 6h Happy Moodlet
High Wellness/Masseuse Foot Massage$40 from Masseuse. +3 6h Happy Moodlet

Skill-Specific Recipes

No heath-centric Sim is complete without introducing super-healthy foods into their diet.  Two new recipes can be unlocked with the Wellness skill.

Sugar Free Carob Coconut Cake. This costs 15 Simoleans to cook and gives a Happy +1 buff for 4 hours.

Super Food Salad.  The special ingredient is Pomegranate, but it isn’t required to make it. It costs 48 Simoleans without the Pomegranate. It appears to have avocado on it as well and looks pretty tasty.

At level 10, you can brew Lemon Honey Ginger Detox tea which gives a Focused +2 buff for 4 hours and costs 15 Simoleans.

If all those buffs aren’t enough, you can always light some incense for the cost of 20 Simoleans. Each scent also has its own unique buff.

  • Evocative Lemon – Inspired +1
  • Sharpening Saffron – Focused +1
  • Soothing Sage – Happy +1
  • Romantic Sandalwood – Flirty +1
  • Peaceful Patchouli – Happy +1
  • Invigorating Cinnamon – Energized +1

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