The Sims 4 Secret Society

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The Sims 4 Secret Society

In Discover University, we know there exists a secret organization that meets near Pepper’s Pub in a clearing across the bridge. We saw this in the trailer. There seemed to be a magical influence, given the blessings these members were supposed to get. Let’s learn how you can join them!

How to get into the Sims 4 Secret Society

Make an Offer for Academic Success at your University’s Statue

Your Sim has to make an offering to any school statue. Offerings has to be some sort of food, flowers, crystal etc. But it has to be something of excellent quality or a rare item. If you offer poor quality items to the statue, your Sim will get a tense moodlet.

Once you’ve made a proper offering, your Sim will gain a Focused moodlet, which should be a sign that secret society is on its way. One the very same night that you made the offering, members of the Order will visit you wherever you are, and invite you to join their organization through a special spell.

You have a few options when making an offering for academic success:

  • Desserts
  • Rare Cyrstals or Metals
  • Pristine Gardening Harvestables

Join the Organization

The Offer of Joining the Secret Organization

If your offering was good enough, the secret society will come to visit you that night, and offer you to join the secret organization. They will let you right in, and now they appear on your organizations panel with a schedule and tasks you can perform to rank up.

Now you’re a fully accepted member of the Order


New Member

Leveling within the Society

Every time you’ve completed a task, it will raise your secret society membership bar.

New Member

The secrets of the sprites has been held precious for generations. It is truly a gift to be awoken to their blessings. Bestow the sprites with respect (or sweets) and they will graciously return the favor. Snub them and things may not go as well for you.

They will give you the official Order of Enchantment Robe and Mask for their new member status.

Seasoned Member

When your Sims advance to a Seasoned Member, you can now perform the Sprite Attack on others. You’ve also received new Robes!

Senior Member

Ability to Summon powerful Sprites on yourself.

What do you have to do to stay a member

You’ll have to keep the secret society happy and you will get surprise visits and have to tend their garden.

  • Offer Food at the Ritual Altar Travel to the Ritual grounds and Make an Offering of a food item to show the Sprites your loyalty.
  • Tend to Sprites’ Garden Water, Weed, or Harvest the Sprite’s plants near the Ritual Altar.
  • Offer a Crystal, Harvestable, Metal at the Ritual Altar Travel to the Ritual grounds and Make an Offering of a crystal, harvestable or metal to show the Sprites your loyalty!
  • Be friendly to 5 Sims

Ritual grounds at Campus

the Ritual grounds at Campus

There’s a very special place that’s important to the secret society and its history. If you travel to Gibb’s Hill, and more specifically to the local bar, cross the river, and you should come across a strange-looking old ruin on a hill. Just next to it on the low ground is a small clearing with mushrooms growing in a circle around a stone pedestal.

This is where the Order will meet regularly for its rituals, and where you might spot them congregating in mass when you’ve yet to become a member. Approaching them won’t give you an opportunity to join, but you can still watch them from afar.

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