The Sims 4: Cowplant

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The Sims 4: Cowplant

This Sims 4 guide to the cowplants is going to teach you every single thing you need to know about how to grow a cowplant and how to kill someone with a cowplant!

Your Cute (?) Cowplant

The Cowplant is possibly one of the hardest plants to find and grow in your game, but don’t worry we’re here to teach you.

  • First you have to find a Cowplant Berry and locate it. It can be found through fishing, space exploration, digging for treasure, or harvesting if you’ve graft a dragonfruit with a snapdragon.
  • Second Once you have found the berry, all you need to do is to plant it.
Cowplant growth stage two: Stem

You are totally able to grow it at any gardening level, but it usually best if you have a bit of a higher level before you try. You may experience an annoying instance of it failing to germinate if you don’t have a bit of skill.

Once your Cowplant has fully matured, you will be able to have special, unique interactions with it, such as Feed, Play, Eat Cake, Collect Sample, Milk and Pet. 

Play interaction

Pet interaction

Death by Cowplant

Once your cowplant is fully grown, it’s time to finally get rid of that sim you hate.

You must feed your it every 12 hours and if you don’t it is going to try and eat your sims by teasing them with a delicious looking cake that hangs from it’s mouth.

When it sticks out his tongue (made of cake, hehe) it’s time to either feed your cowplant, or eat the cake.

If your sims eats the cake there is a 50% chance that your sim will die, however, in most of my personal experience it takes a second try to get them to die, your sim isn’t eaten by the cowplant they will be spit back out on to the ground and be covered in goo.

Your sim can take their last breath inside it. The grim reaper will appear and take your sim away and leave a tomstone for you to mourn the death.

Keeping Your Cowplant Alive

Make sure that you take good care, as if it is not fed after an additional 12 hours after sticking out the cake, it will die and will not be able to be revived, leaving a husk in it’s place. This can make a wonderful decoration on a ranch style lot, however.

But hey, you can always use debug to get a new one!

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