Sims 4 Maxis Match Eyelashes – Laptop Mode Friendly!

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Sims 4 Maxis Match Eyelashes – Laptop Mode Friendly!

Sims 4 Maxis Match Eyelashes

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*THIS PROJECT IS STILL IN BETA TESTING*Please keep that in mind when using them and check back often to see if there are any updates! I will note new updates in the changelog at the bottom of this page! Please link back to this page!

These lashes are currently for T-E females, enabled for all categories, and disabled for random. They all have 8 natural color swatches on them. 
Lashes can be found in the following categories and are denoted in the file name by the abbreviation next to the name: forehead detail (fd), mole right (mr), mouth corner (mc), earrings (ae), glasses (ag)There are two options for each style BOTH has both top and bottom lash lines, TOP has only the top lash line.
I will be adding more, ages, and genders as soon as I can, and more styles as I work out the issues these still have. 
These lashes do not share texture space with any accessories or clothing and should not conflict with anything your sim wears. These lashes are laptop-mode friendly and are low poly count, so those of you on lower end computers should have no issues. 
There are currently two styles, Jade and Norma. 

How to Download Custom Content on Sims 4 ?

1.Download the package

2.Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods. Moving the custom content into the Mods folder.

3.Make sure the custom content works in your game.

Credit : pickypikachu

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