Sims 4 Get To College Mod V3

by MiCat
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Sims 4 Get To College Mod V3

Sims 4 Get To College Mod V3

Credit : itasan2

Sims 4 school mod,go to school mod sims 4

Mod Description
GetToCollegeMod introduces a college system to the Sims 4. After your sim becomes a young adult or older, the sim can go to the university using EA’s active career mechanism (requires Get To Work Expansion Pack) as well as Zerbu’s GoToSchoolMod which is for children and teens. The original description of simmythesim is on the MTS site.

A student sim can chose a major from three majors – Music, Fine Arts and Physical Education.
The start level (GPA) is affected the final level of high school. GPA4.0 for high school grade A, GPA3.0 for grade B and C, GPA2.0 for grade D and F. If a sim started with YoungAdult or older, it is GPA3.0.

Weekly Schedule in the College Life
Sunday … Holiday
Monday … Activity Day
Tuesday … Lecture Day
Wednesday … Activity Day
Thursday … Lecture Day
Friday … Presentation Day
Saturday … Holiday

The First Day … The student sims get to know their classmates.

Activity Days … The student sims do things that train them for the real world – Working out for Physical Education, painting / woodworking for Fine Arts, and playing instruments for Music.

Lecture Days … The student sims learn from their hopefully awesome professor. Goals for these day involve Watching the Lecture and Asking Questions. For Watching the Lecture, you should click on the Podium (a podium for your university), then select “Watch” interaction. For Asking Questions. you should click on another sim, then select “Ask Questions“ interaction in Friendly category.

Presentation Day … The student sims give their presentation to their class. If your sim doesn’t study for the presentation day, he or she will lose a lot of performance, likewise, if your sim studies before it, they’ll get a huge boost to their grade. For giving your presentation, you should click on the Podium (a podium for your university), then select “Give Presentation“ interaction.

Graduation Day … This is the last day, say your goodbyes to your friends and enemies on this day. This takes place on Day 20 (default), which can be change to Day 5, 10 or 15 by the mod option file in “SchoolDays_SelectOnlyOne” folder. You have to talk with a sim before saying your goodbye to the sim.

If you want to see how many days your student sim went to college so far, please use my Show/Search Sim Info Mod, which shows “active / all days worked” on the Career Info dialog. Technically, your student sim can graduate after all days worked is 19 (the length of school term minus one) or greater. So your student sim can go to the rabbit hole until all days worked is 19 but at least the sim have to go to the University LOT after that to graduate and get a hidden graduation trait.

A student sim will get the following diploma and reward based on their GPA at the end of Graduation Day.

  • GPA1 … No diploma
  • GPA2 … No diploma
  • GPA3 … A diploma in their major
  • GPA4 … A diploma in their major + 20,000 simoleons
  • GPA5 … A diploma in their major + 100,000 simoleons

In addition, a student sim will automatically quit the university at the end of Graduation Day.

After the graduation, your sim gets their qualifications to start at level 4 of their dream job – Entertainer Career and Business Career for Music major, Painter Career and Business Career for Fine Arts major, Athletic Career and Business Career for Physical Education major.

How to Download Mods on Sims 4 ?

1.Download the mods

2.Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods. Moving the custom content into the Mods folder.

3.Make sure the mods works in your game.

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