MC Command Center for The Sims 4

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MC Command Center for The Sims 4

The MC Command Center module is necessary to link all the other modules together. It is required regardless of what combination of other modules are desired.

In addition, it contains several settings and command-line actions (which can be run from the sims command-line control-shift-C within a sim lot).

MC Command Center CAREER

The career module contains settings to work-around the way that the Sims 4 core-script will assign career jobs to households marked “Played Households” if they are not the active household and employment ranges for each age-group. The ranges are set-up in a minimum/maximum manner. So, for Teenagers who, with EA’s defaults, have a range of 40/50. That means they will have no less than 40% employment and no more than 50%. If the numbers drop below that, Teenagers will be given jobs. If the number goes above 50%, they will quit their jobs.

Freeze Career flag:In the Sim Flags menu, there is an option on Sims older than Teens to Freeze Career.  For NPC Sims, this flag will bypass the EA core functionality that reassigns an NPC Sim to different jobs.  Whatever their current job is, they will keep that job.  This prevents them leaving the job either by quitting or retiring.  Note that if you flag an NPC Sim that has no job, the core processes will never give them a job so they will always be unemployed.For active Sims, the flag just stops their career progression.  They will neither gain nor lose progression in their career level as long as they have the flag.


The MC CAS module allows control and manipulation of Sim appearances down to individual body parts. Ranges can be set for the biggest and smallest each of these body parts so Sims generated by the game will use the ranges as desired. It also provides some built-in functionality like changing the bellies of pregnant teenagers as they progress through the pregnancy.

In the Sim menu, MC Command Center CAS allows changing various features that are Sim-specific and found in the CAS screen in the game like Name, Voice, body appearances and fitness/fat.  Also, “Favorite Drink” can be changed from the MC CAS menu


The cheats module contains various cheat-commands to execute on a Sim or all Sims in the world.  It will activate a new menu on the Sim MCCC menu and on the mailbox.  There are no settings for MC Cheats, only commands.

Details about various MC Cheats commands

Cheats in MC Cheats for Careers include:Change Vacation DaysReset Career BranchCareer PromoteCareer Demote
Change Sim Mood Details
Under MC Command Center Cheats in the Sim menus there is an option for “Change Sim Mood”. This functions a bit like the cheat codes. Some notes:When a mood is applied to a Sim, they are given a hidden Buff.Some buffs stack so will not directly change your overall mood to something else. Happiness for example. If you have some other positive mood going on and you throw on happiness, it combines with the current mood rather than replaces it.If your Sim has the traits so they cannot become embarrassed or tense, then the options for them will not be available to do so from the cheat menu.Be careful! These cheats put the Sims at the highest levels for these buffs so you have to be careful or you’ll have Sims dropping dead from laughter and such!! The moods last 2 hours after activated.

MC Command Center

This has been tested to be working with (but does not require) GTW, OR, Get Together, Dine Out, City Life, Vampires, Parenthood, Cats & Dogs, Jungle Adventures, Seasons, Get Famous, Strangeville, Island Living, Realm of Magic, University Living, Eco Living, Journey to Batuu, Snowy Escape and the patch released February 25, 2021 – PC: / Mac: It will also work with anything after that Sims 4 update unless otherwise specified on Tumblr/Patreon posts I make after the update. Earlier Sims 4 versions may not be compatible so we often do not support anything below the specified version here!


Other Mods for The sims 4

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