Cottage Garden Stuff Pack for The Sims 4

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Cottage Garden Stuff Pack

 This Cottage Garden Stuff Pack by The Plumbob Tea Society is just what’s needed. It has a ton of new objects for that perfect cottage core build. It’s a huge pack that a bunch of different creators worked on, and the quality is pure perfection.

It features many CAS items and Build/Buy items to make your Sims and their homes reflect a more traditional countryside lifestyle.

This fan-made pack is huge and fully customisable! There are 171 items in this pack in total, and you can choose to download all of it or only the objects you select. 


Cottage Garden Stuff Pack for Sims 4

We’ve organized the pack into an Item Index to make things more streamlined for those who prefer individual downloads (or just to browse all the shinies):

A collaboration between @applezingsims@coreopsims@deetron-sims@femmeonamissionsims@javabeandreams@litttlecakes@magnolianfarewell@mamalovesnuts@mlyssimblr@nolan-sims@pickypikachu@shespeakssimlish@simlaughlove@teanmoon, & @zx-ta.

We are happy and proud to finally share this new pack – a project over 3 months in the making – with our fellow simmers! With 171 items, this fan-made stuff pack is bursting with new content perfectly tailored to complement your cozy cottage with a touch of rustic charm! All items shown above are either EA or in the pack, so download and enjoy!

* Only a fraction of the content is pictured, check out the index below for everything else! *

Download and Info are under the cut!

for Cottage Garden Stuff Pack download link, keep reading

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