the sims 4 rodents by kaiso

by Yato Kagura
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the sims 4 rodents by kaiso

Add four new decorative small pets to your game with 5+ hand-painted fur variations each and 4 new respective pet enclosures, along with other rodent themed items for your pet-loving Sims to decorate with. Information: – Base Game Compatible – Custom tuned enclosures allow for naming your pet. Pets are otherwise non-functional, non-animated, decorative objects for storytelling purposes. – 6+ enclosure swatches give plenty of customization for your Sims to choose from when placing enclosures in their spaces. – 5+ hand-painted fur variations per animal allow plenty of choice when deciding to “adopt” a pet from the buy catalog. – Pets are placed into enclosures via slots, except for Guinea Pigs in the Guinea Pig Enclosure, which are placed with bb.moveobjects on.

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