The Sims 4 Memorable Events Mod

by MiCat
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The Sims 4 Memorable Events Mod

Mod Description:

These events are really good for creating memories, telling your stories, creating drama, or just simply having fun.

This mod adds over 40 social events to your game.

Important: You must goal the event if you want gifts, memories, and extra social interactions.

  • A night out – Ladies night? Guys night out? This event lets your sim get a break from “everything” and enjoy the night however they like.
  • Meet the baby* – This event is a baby shower except the baby is already born. Let your sim’s family and friends meet the new member! They will come help out and leave you some essential items for the future toddler.
  • Bachelor(ette) Party – This event lets your sims have their last night of freedom. Let them party with their friends and don’t forget to tip the strippers!
  • Hot Springs – This event turns any public pool into a bathhouse / hot springs. It increases hygiene and gives you cute little moodlet/buffs.
  • Beach Party – This event lets your sims throw a party on the beach!
  • Camping – This event lets your sims go camping! You can stay up to two and a half days!
  • Celebration – This event lets you celebrate whatever milestone your sim has accomplished!
  • University Party – Yay! This event lets you throw a university party! Don’t forget to take some pictures with the mascots!
  • Romantic Date – This event was created so that you can plan out your dates on the calendar!
  • Day of Grieving* – This event allows you to grieve over anyone that your sim has lost. You can grieve alone or with friends/family.
  • Easter Egg Hunt – This event allows you to plan out an easter egg hunt with your family! Don’t leave out the older sims because they might find some money!
  • Family Gathering – This event allows you to gather all of your family and catch up!
  • Field Trip – This event allows children and teens to go on a field trip! You can send your child alone or go with them on the trip!
  • Game Night – This event lets you have game night at home or at your local arcade with the people of your choice! You can also go solo!
  • Graduation Party – Elementary, highschool, and university graduates can now all celebrate their accomplishments! Yes, you get to wear the graduation outfit for pictures!
  • Gym Day – This event lets you plan out your gym days! Go alone or go with your friends!
  • Hangout – This event allows you to hang out anywhere with whoever you want! There is also an option to pick random NPC’s for storytelling purposes.
  • Honeymoon – This event allows you to go on a honeymoon with your lover! You can invite friends and family! You can hire someone to watch your children if you bring them along, cook your food, and clean up after you.
  • Housewarming Party – This event lets you have the welcome wagon again except its people you actually know and instead of fruitcake or that island juice they will give you some household items on their way out!
  • Karaoke – This event lets you plan a day or night of karaoke with your favorite people, person, or yourself.
  • Meet my Partner* – This event lets you meet your bf/gf or spouse…to your friends and family! Everyone will have different reactions to the news!
  • Movie Night – This event allows you to host a movie night at your place, your friend’s place, your mom’s place, your cousin’s place, the movie theater, etc…
  • Moving Out* – This event allows you to break the news about your departure! Not everyone is going to be happy so expect things to get emotional!
  • Playground – This event allows you to go to the “playground” where more teens, toddlers, and children will spawn. It was created honestly for your younger sims to make more friends!
  • Pool Party – This event allows you to throw a pool party!
  • Pregnancy Announcement* – This event allows you to announce your pregnancy to friends, family, and even your spouse… if you didn’t tell him already.
  • Romantic Proposal – This event allows you to plan out your proposal! Hopefully, with all this effort you don’t get rejected. Oh! You can invite friends and family to witness it if you like.
  • Protest – This event allows you to protest wherever you like about whatever you like! You will earn some of those influence points!
  • Reality Show – This event allows you to go on a reality show! You will have to keep the viewers entertained or you will start losing followers which is embarrassing. You might notice a little “eye” icon in some of your conversations which means you’re being used for views! If you get gold you will be set for life on fame and money which will increase weekly! You can also brag about being on TV and when your episode is airing you can tell others to watch it!
  • Seasonal Party – This event allows you to plan a holiday party with your friends and family! We all know people invite other people during the holidays so expect some unexpected visitors.
  • Shopping – This event allows you to plan a shopping spree or to go shopping together with friends/family! You can even ask them for some shopping money! Don’t be greedy or they will get upset!
  • Sleepover – This event lets you throw a sleepover at your place or at your friend/family member’s place! I added a tiny bit of cuteness with a “hit with pillows” interaction (teens-elders) which spawns pillows in your sims hands while they play fight.
  • Love Finder – Tired of creating your sims lover? Tired of going place to place to find one? Here you go! This event lets your sim find love! But, you only have 8 hours to do so.
  • Friendship Finder – Are your sims lonely? This event gathers a bunch of lonely people for you to choose from to become your friend! This works for all age groups except those baby object things!
  • Study Session – This event is for grade school, high school, university, and certain careers. This event allows you to study with others which will have your sim focused! Feel free to whine and complain to them about homework and class in general.
  • Teen Party – This event allows you to throw a teen party! Yay!
  • University Acceptance Letter* – This event lets you announce that you got into university! Be prepared for the tears and excitement!
  • Vacation – This event lets you plan a vacation on any lot that you want! Open the gallery and pick a beautiful place! You can hire a chef, maid, or nanny service so you can fully relax.
  • Prom – This event allows teens to have their prom! You can go with a date or with friends!
  • Half Birthday – This event allows you to have a very fun birthday party without aging up! You can ask for gifts that will show in your inventory or for money!
How do you get memories?

You have to goal the event and get gold. It will give you a 1-2 day memory moodlet/buff which will include social interactions based around that event. For example, a sim that completed a protest will be able to talk about the protest until the moodlet/buff expires.

What if you don’t goal the event?

Your sim won’t get the memory or the social interactions that come with it. However, sims will still act like they are supposed to during the event.

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