Sims 4 Video Game Mods & CC

by MiCat
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Sims 4 Video Game Mods & CC

Today I will show you the best Sims 4 Video Game Mods & CC for gamers.

Which simmer wouldn’t want to create her/his own gamer room?

I have prepared a great list for you. Below you can see most of the things you need.

Sims 4 Study room set (Video Game Mods & CC)

Credit : naver

I think one of the most important things for a player is the environment she/he is in.

You can create the most suitable room for yourself with these items.

Study room set

  • [KKB]Echoback on Wall                 20 colors
  • [KKB]pencil holder                           8 colors
  • [KKB]a box of tissues                     20 colors
  • [KKB]a wall fan                              23 colors
  • [KKB]wardrobe cabinet ver.1        23 colors
  • [KKB]wardrobe cabinet ver.2        23 colors
  • [KKB]curved monitor                     12 colors
  • [KKB]wall calendar                           9 colors
  • [KKB]Canon Printer                          5 colors
  • [KKB]Cutting mat                             8 colors
  • [KKB]the study desk                       12 colors
  • [KKB]pictures posted on the wall  13 colors

Sims 4 Ilex Televisions

Credit : wondymoon

Gamers are modern people who, in my opinion, are fond of their luxury.

For your gamer sims 5 new televisions with all details; free standing, wall mount or curved; small or big screen. Choose the one that suits your Sim’s home and enjoy movies!

Ilex Televisions

  • Free Standing Tv
  • Curved Tv
  • Wall Mount Tv
  • Small Free Standing Tv
  • Small Wall Mount Tv
  • Tv Remote Control


Credit : one-billion-pixels

Anyway, there’s 6 files in this setbutyou don’t have to install all of them.
You’ll get 2 consoles, 2 kinetics and 1 box art games. 
Plus 1 package file for box art games recolors only.

I made 2 versions of kinetics, normal and float.
The float one you can put on top the console.
So you don’t need to use the cheat at all. 

The box art has 15 designs. 
And each box has details on front, back and side.
Feel free to make your own recolor and share it with everyone.
Please use the file I included in folder and save with your own creator name.
The mesh is included so it won’t be separated.

Sims 4 Apple Set

Credit : pysznydesign

Set contains:- iMac 27″ ( cost: 2 000 $ )Poly count ( High 1 146 / Low 810 )- iMac 21,5″ ( cost: 1 600 $ )Poly Count ( High 1 146 / Low 874 )- MacBook Pro Touchbar 15″ ( cost: 1 750 $ )Poly Count ( High 1 288 / Low 915 )- MacBook Pro Touchbar 13″ ( cost: 1 500 $ )Poly Count ( High 1 288 / Low 917 )

OceanRAZR selection Ultra 21″ 2018

Credit : oceansccc

Selection Ultra

  • – 30 or 99 Swatches (HQ Textures, more in future)
  • – Complete new Base Game-Compatible Design
  • – All-in-One PC with High Detailled Exterior
  • – Curved 21″ OLED Screen
  • – High-Tech Gaming Mouse with onboard Fan and aluminium cooling Pads for cooled Hands with Gesture Controlled Laser Mouse-Wheel.
  • – Curved Ergonomic USB-Wired Gaming Keyboard
  • – Onboard Blu-ray Disc Drive
  • – Onboard Resonance Sound System
  • – Concept by OceanRAZR Design
  • selection Ultra

Sims 4 Build it Yourself Gaming Set

Credit : KrazyKrisSims

You have your choice between an apple or one of 4 sizes from OceanRAZR as your monitor in 2 colour palettes. A CyberpowerPC Gamer Infinity 8000 themed tower in 2 colour palettes. 2 sets of speakers and a subwoofer, all in 2 colour palettes and noise cancelling headphones that are also cyberpower themed in 2 colour palettes.

Build it Yourself Gaming Set

  • Apple Monitor – Functional – 12 swatches
  • OceanRAZR Monitors – Functional – 21″, 24″, 30″ & 35″ wide – 2 swatches each
  • CyberpowerPC Tower – 2 versions – deco and functional stereo – 2 swatches each
  • Speakers – 3 versions – Speaker A (deco) Speaker B (functional subwoofer) Floor Speakers (deco) – 2 swatches each
  • Noise Cancelling Headphones – Deco – 2 swatches

Sims 4 Video Game Mods & CC Hardcore Gamer Trait

Credit : DreadMermaid

This trait is amazing for Sims who want to get into the gaming industry or who have an interest in gaming! Gain positive moodlets such as Happy and Focused while playing video games. Sims with this trait level up their video gaming skill much faster.

Sims 4 Video Game Mods & CC Video Review

Other Mods for The sims 4

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