Random Occult Ley Line Lot With individual

by Yato Kagura
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Random Occult Ley Line Lot With individual

Sims 4 Random Occult Ley Line Lot Trait (With individual lot traits as well)

Added support for Turbo’s mods, they now work together. Please re-download the lot trait again.
Added individual lot traits for each occult, witch, alien, and mermaid, you can read about them in the "IndividualOccultLotTrait" section below.

I quite like the occult types we got in the game but was a bit puzzled as to why only vampires had a "Dark Ley Line" trait you could apply to your lot for a chance of a vampire baby and not the others.
I was inspired by "RandomOccult" by r3m in terms of having 1 lot trait for all the occults giving your sims a random chance of any occult, I just wasn’t a fan of the way it was set up. I wanted it to happen ONLY to parents who were both human sims and for the occult to each have an equal chance of being picked. I simply wanted to add magic or a chance of it, to human sims.

So what does this mod do:
It adds a lot trait named "On Random Occult Ley Line" If your sims conceive while the trait is active and both parents are humans, you have a chance that the baby will be born as any of the following occult. Witch. Mermaid. Vampire or Alien or just a human.
The chance of getting an occult is around 40%, human is around 60%. It’s completely random which occult you get they all have an equal chance of being picked and there are no ways to increase chances of a specific one.
Since it’s a lot trait you can add or remove it as you please, but if you aim for an occult it needs to be active before the sim conceive and before they give birth. So don’t remove it during that time.

A perhaps little fun quirk about the alien babies. When using this lot trait the skintone of the alien babies depends on the parent’s skintone, which means they won’t end up being blue, green or whatever. But they are still 100% alien, complete with the onesie, bassinet and their crying that more sounds like screeching.

Requirements: IMPORTANT!
In order for this mod to work you MUST download MAL22’s Trait Tracker Injector script, found here!
It works the same way as Scumbumbo’s injector except MAL22 focus on traits and tracking.

Unzip "RandomOccultLeyLine" to your main mod folder or preferable make a new folder in your mod folder (you can name it whatever) No more than 1 folder deep, so no folder within a folder thing.
Download and unzip MAL22’s script, place the script IN THE SAME place as the lot trait. If you already have the script due to another mod you are using, put my lot trait in the same folder as the script is in or put it in the main mod folder. DO NOT put it in a folder on its own or the script might not be able to detect it.

Different versions:
There are two versions. PICK ONLY ONE With OR Without Alien!

RandomOccultLeyLine. Which contain the following occults. Witch, Vampire, Mermaid and Aliens. 40% chance for an occult, 60% for a human.

RandomOccultLeyLineNOAlien. As the name suggest, contains the occults stated above apart from aliens. 30% chance for an occult, 50% for humans. Give or take, weights (how the game calculate certain things) are a bit ficklely.

Contains lot trait for each individual occult. Basically all the occults now have their very own lot trait like the DarkLeyLine!
Aquatic Ley Line = Mermaid.
Astral Ley Line = Alien.
Bewitched Ley Line = Witch.
Each is 33% chance, just like EA’s DarkLeyLine. You can use them all at once if you want, it should work fine with either RandomOccultLeyLine or RandomOccultLeyLineNOAlien but using them would just increase their chance of being picked.

Additional notes and conflicts: Please read!

  1. You do not need all the packs that contains an occult in order to use this mod. The mod will simply ignore whichever occult you are missing.

    However, the percentage will change depending on how many occults you are missing, if you are just missing one the chance of getting one is about 30% and humans 40-50%, this is not an 100% accurate reading, as the mod uses weights either than percentage (not much I could do about that) so the numbers are not 100% correct. It is correct if you have all of the occults (40% occult 60& humans) but if one or more is missing the weight changes and so does the percentage. But the mod still works.

  2. If you use "Dark Ley Line" as well as mine, it should be fine but your chance of a vampire now might be 100% tho.
    Also the "On Ley Line" (the one that increase chance of twins) should work fine with it as well, no guarantee that both baby will be the same occult or any occult for that matter. It’s all random.

MAL22 – For the script.
frankk – For helping me out.
ItsKatato – For helping me out.
LeRoiDeTout – For helping me out.
adeepindigo – For helping me out.

More info
While I will make sure that the important updates are announced here as well regarding to the mod, I do have a Patreon where I post things like WIP, or if any upcoming issues/update on mods are coming soon. Of course once it is released I WILL update here as well.
Everything on my patreon is 100% free and will remain so. Patreon

Archive: RandomOccultLeyLine.rar
File: RandomOccultLeyLine.package

Traits: (1)

Archive: RandomOccultLeyLineNOAlien.rar
File: RandomOccultLeyLineNOAlien.package

Traits: (1)

Archive: IndividualOccultLotTrait.rar
File: BewitchedLeyLine.package

Traits: (1)

File: AstralOccultLeyLine.package

Traits: (1)

File: AquaticLeyLine.package

Traits: (1)

Credit : Zafire

How to Download Custom Content on Sims 4 ?

1.Download the package

2.Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods. Moving the custom content into the Mods folder.

3.Make sure the custom content works in your game.

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