Khaos bloodmooncc Makeup Set

by Burak
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Sims 4 Makeup cc – Khaos | Makeup Set


Khaos | Makeup Set

Once in a blue moon, I make something that doesn’t involve a mesh.

I love that dirty grungey smudged look so I drew these a few months ago with only black swatches, forgot about it, then came back to make more swatches. This set is focused on dark colors so feel free to recolor idc.

Everything is toddler (go make creepy kids ig) to elder, unisex, disabled for random, and with custom thumbnails.

1. Khaos eyeshadow

  • Big and dramatic, inspired by Taylor Momsen’s early looks
  • 28 swatches (Top row)
  • 14 plain and 14 shimmery

2. Khaos eyeliner

  • Filled in corners and a slight outer wing
  • 12 swatches (middle row)

3. Khaos lipstick

  • Blurred over the lip line, kinda like the lollipop lip trend
  • 14 swatches (bottom row)

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