Sims 4 FARMLAND Mod – Arnie’s Mod

by MiCat
Sims 4 FARMLAND Mod – Arnie’s Mod


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Welcome to Eden Hills!
Are you ready to become a Farmer and help George in this wonderful adventure? This guide will help you with everything that you need to know! From the easy install process to the use of the animals, you will find everything here!

Let’s get into it!
What is included ?

There are many new gameplay features! And a new world! But in order to work properly, this pack requires you to own two expansion packs : The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs* & The Sims 4 Seasons*
Here are all the new features explained down below:
A New Semi-Open World
Welcome to Eden Hills! A new semi-open world that is going to replace a neighbourhood of your game called Sable Square (in Brindleton Bay). More than this, if you use my World Edit mod, it is completely customizable!
But… what is a semi-open world?

If you have played with my last project called Brookheights, you have seen how you could visit special places outside of the lot you are playing with, without the use of a loading screen! This was called an Open-World.
What is the difference here?
A semi-open world is a mix between my first project and how the worlds work currently in The Sims 4. You still have 5 lots in the world, visible from the map view, that work exactly like you’d expect them too. But! There is now a huge open area around all these lots, filled with special locations that I call Open Venues. You will be able to explore freely all these locations, without the need to go through a loading screen, from the farms & fields area to the town centre!
What is inside this new world called Eden Hills?
Here are all the venues and locations you can go to in Eden Hills without any loading screen:

  • The farms and fields : This huge area gives you enough space to create and build up your farming activities! This open
    area is bigger than five entire 64×64 lots combined together! You will be able to grow some crops and raise animals in this
    area. This area is divided in Pieces of Land you can buy to expand your farm!
  • George’s House : Next to the fields, you can find George’s house! You can go visit him anytime you want (still without a
    loading screen!). He is in his house most of the time, so go to him and ask for advice and help! I am sure he will be happy to
    help you… You might also discover more about his story and the secrets of Eden Hills.
  • The Horse Ranch : Welcome to the ranch! Where you can adopt and befriend horses, and even hop on their back to travel
    around the world! You can even go on a calm walk on the Promenade next to the mountains!
  • The Farmer’s Market (built by Sati) : The farmer’s market is the best place for you to sell your fresh produce! It’s also a
    nice place to socialize with friends and family, and even buy what the other townies crafted themselves!
  • The Supermarket : Go to the supermarket to purchase everything you need for your daily activities! You need fresh
    vegetables? Rare seeds? Toys for the kids? That’s the place to be! You can even sell your own produce at the supermarket
    on one of the display counters!
  • The City Hall : The City Hall is a very useful place to deal with all your administrative tasks. You can vote for the
    neighbourhood action plans there, find work, or even register for a farmer’s licence. Be careful though, Annia Landgraab
    works there and she is not easy with farmers… She really IS her aunt’s niece. Make it make sense?
  • The Love Temple : Need a cute and romantic place for your sims to marry? Say no more! The one and only Love Temple is
    the perfect venue for this purpose! Located in the town centre, it has witnessed the most iconic weddings, like George and
    Adele for example.
  • The Bank : What if you need a little extra money to adopt more animals or even buy a new piece of land to expand you
    farming activities? Well the bank is here to help you! (The loan payment system requires The Sims 4 – Discover University,
    but you can still use it and use cheats to repay the money if you don’t own this pack).
  • The Jazz Bar : If you want to hangout with your friends on a Saturday night, you can go to the Jazz Bar in the city centre!
    It’s opened every night until 2.AM! Time to hit the dance floor!
  • The Graveyard : A quiet place where your sims can rest after they pass away. Great views on the Mountains and the
    Countryside, cheap rent, totally recommend!
    Farming and New Animals!

How does the farming work?
Once you meet George and got registered as a farmer at the City Hall, you are ready to go! With the new Farming and Gardening Skill and the Farmer Aspiration, you will be able to become the best farmer in the world!

  • Buy Pieces of Land, step by step, to expand the area of your farm (up to the size of five entire 64×64 lots). You can do
    farming activities on these pieces of land!
  • Grow Some Crops : You can grow some massive scale crops in this area! Fruits, vegetables, herbs, or even the seeds of
    your choice, grow the plants you want to have in a large scale! And use the tractor to help you plant them all at once, the
    water pipes to irrigate, the anti-insects emitter to protect your beloved plants, or even a Greenhouse to protect them from
    the effects of the seasons or the weather. You can then sell all these produce from your inventory directly, at the farmer’s
    market or at the supermarket!
    Adopt NEW ANIMALS, and give them all the love you can to raise them** in your farming area!
    You can take care of an UNLIMITED amount of animals and give a unique name to each one of them. All species provide a
    produce to collect. Here are the details:
  • Cows : When you buy a piece of Land, you can choose to raise animals in this area. So if you choose to raise cows, you will
    be able to collect milk from them on a daily basis. You can of course befriend them, or even sing to them! They love music
    so much… Take good care of them. These cows are fed from the grass and don’t require you to feed them daily.
  • Sheep : the sheep provide wool on a weekly basis that you can either sell or transform into a yarn basket (Nifty Knitting).
    They are so soft and cute, it’s hard not to hug them. These sheep are fed from the grass and don’t require you to feed them
  • Rabbits : they are so tiny but SO cute! The little bunnies hop around their field happily, hunting for… chocolate eggs!! You
    can collect them everyday. Open your eyes so you don’t miss them! You can also of course. (Rabbits require Bust the Dust
    Kit to function properly).
  • Pigs : they are my favourite animals in Farmland! You know how pigs are, they love to roll over in mud, they just LOVE it!
    And that’s a good thing because the soil in Eden Hills is very special… It’s made of clay! So you can collect the clay sticking
    on their body by brushing them, and craft little clay sculptures with it! Children are going to love this at the Farmer’s
  • Chickens : the chickens need to be fed every day! That is quite an important task to complete in order to collect their
    eggs. Why is it so important? Because I heard they can lay GOLDEN EGGS sometimes? Mmmmhh… Hello?? I want to be
    an eggillionaire! Also toddlers and kids love to confess their secrets and play around chickens. They are… soothing I guess?
  • Fish-farm : you can create a fish-farm in one of those pieces of land! Purchase or add yourself different fish species in the
    special ponds (up to 5 per pond). And come back anytime to fish and collect even more of them!
  • Bee-farm : you already know the bees from the Sims 4 Seasons? Well now you can set up a colourful bee-farm in just one
    click! Sell your honey alongside your harvested produce at the farmer’s market! People love it!
  • Ducks : Ducks behave a lot like chickens in Eden Hills. Once they are comfortable in their pond, they like to lay eggs in
    their little coop. Do they lay golden eggs? I don’t think so but the rumour says it could be something even more precious…
    Maybe you will find out yourself.
  • Horses : Horses don’t have a produce to collect. But they are very loyal friends and of course, a wonderful natural vehicle!
    You can hop on their back and go for a walk around the world. It’s faster than going by foot, and it makes you look like the
    coolest farmer in town.

You cannot harvest any animals for their meat, nor kill them. Chickens and Ducks can die of starvation if you do not feed them and other animals can die of old age only. You can sell them to another farm if you don’t want to take care of them anymore by just clicking on them and choose “Sell …” A new immersive Story Mode! When you enter Eden Hills for the first time, you will have to go and meet George, his house is next to the fields. He will be hanging out in his garden almost everyday*! So if you need to talk to him, he will be there for you. While helping you in your farming activities, he has also special Quests for you to complete. Help him rebuild the iconic
windmill they used to own with his wife Adele, investigate on the mysterious fire that burnt their farm a long time ago, and finally discover the secrets told in Eden Hills.

**Compared to Brookheights, the Story Mode in Farmland is not compulsory for you to visit/live in the world nor expand your farming activities. It’s additional content to provide more gameplay and a way to connect with George, the main character.
Easy Installation Process and Patchproof World!
Put the “FARMLAND 1.1” Folder in your Mods folder! You can find it usually under Documents/Eletronic Arts/The Sims 4/ Mods
Then you can either:
1- Use my Farmland Save Files: I created a save file where Eden hills is already installed, with a beautiful Farmhouse
created by Kate Emerald and the Chateau Rose which is a Lot created by myself for one of the quests in the Story mode. If you choose this option, there’s nothing more to do other than put the .Package file in your mods folder! Load the game, launch my save file, and go to Eden Hills (formerly known as Sable Square in Brindleton bay). There is also a Farmland Lite
Save File! It’s made for more performance! Enjoy!
Put the save files in your saves folder! You can find it usually under Documents/Eletronic Arts/The Sims 4/saves
1- Use your own save files: If you want to import Eden Hills in your save files (or even create a new one), go to Brindleton Bay in the formerly known as Sable Square Neighbourhood. Load any lot in this neighbourhood, and go to the place where the fountain used to be (see screenshots down below). There is now a little blue Planet in the middle. It’s the new WORLD IMPORTER. To import Eden Hills, click on this little planet and choose “Import Eden Hills”. The world will spawn all of its assets. Wait for a few seconds (up to a few minutes if you have a lower end computer) and you will get a success notification. The world has been imported! You can now play in Eden Hills! There is also a Farmland Lite Importer! It’s made for more performance! Enjoy!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Importing the world to one of your existing save files will NOT override your Lots or Households, don’t worry! Plus, the new world will resist against the patch updates! No need to re-install the mod after each update!
(This makes Farmland the most stable and easiest mod to install that I’ve ever created! YAY!) And if you want to uninstall the mod, just take the .package file out of your mods folder! And that’s it!!!
If you need visual help, watch the full gameplay walkthrough video linked at the end of this guide.


If you would like to zoom out very far in the world to get the full 3D Mapview Experience (see screenshot down below), you can use my Camera Mod included in the download folder! Find the install process down below for Mac and Windows computers.

How to install Mods on Sims 4 ?

1.Download the mods

2.Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods. Moving the custom content into the Mods folder.

3.Make sure the mods works in your game.

Credit : Arnie

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