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The Sims 4 BetterSims Mod: by  Midiar

Next scheduled update on Monday 04/12/2021
Fixes and new additions in this version:

  • Fixed several tuning errors with the base game and get to work module(It’s just one sentence but there were tons of errors and outdated things now fixed)
  • Whims were mostly removed to avoid compatibility issues.
  • Spanish Translation is out by Geosims

12 Important Features

  • Complementary Traits
  • Talents
  • Color Preferences
  • Style preferences
  • Randomized Fashion choices
  • Location Preferences
  • Hobbies and skills preferences
  • Reworked Aspirations
  • Secondary Aspirations
  • BetterSims Menu
  • Change Aspiration bonus trait
  • Cheats Menu

Sims 4 BetterSims Mod CONFLICTS:

This mod might conflict with any mod that alters the game traits or aspirations.

This mod might conflict with any mod that changes cooking autonomy.

This mod will not conflict with custom traits or aspirations.

This mod has been tested and has not conflicts with these mods:
MC Command Center by Deaderpool
Slice of Life and Education Bundle by KawaiiStacie
Wonderful Whims by TURBODRIVER
First Impressions by Lumpinou
Meaningful Stories by roBurky
Have Some Personality Please by PolarBearSim

Remember that the mod is still on beta and a work in progress.

Additional Credits:
Special Thanks to:

Geosims for helping me with the Spanish Translation
Isy’s Translations for helping me with the Italian translation TO BE RELEASED

The team of Sims4Studio for the amazing tool.

Zerbu for Mod Constructor V4

The community of creators in Zerbu’s discord server for all the support and help.

The community of creators in Deaderpool’s discord server for all the support and help.

Twisted Mexi for the Better Exception tool, as well as his amazing mods and help.

– Midiar 

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