Sims 4 Band Mod

by Yato Kagura
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Sims 4 Band Mod

World Famous Band Career

Sims 4 Band Mod

Join your own band with this career pack! Work your way from a bedroom singer to a world famous band.This career allows you to join a fun career, practice will soon pay off!
This career requires no expansions but is playable with them.
This is a career that you send your sim to work and watch them come home having done something they so dearly love.
This career will give you plenty of reason to build some of your musical skills up,who knows what possibilities will open up with gaining your musical skills up.
Realistic job titles, and build a better life for your animal loving sims!

Join Career Text:
“Can you outshine the rest and make your band top the charts? From the bottom, to the top, a star will shine.”
2592 1944

Job Titles, Levels, Pay, Work days and Moods:
1. Bedroom Performer –
Practice makes perfect. Everybody has to start somewhere.

$/H 18 $/D 90 Work Days – MTWTF– Requires Skill: Guitar – 1, Writing – 1 Preferred Mood: Embarrassed

2. Garage Band –
Your own personal venue, just try not to upset any neighbors.

$/H 23 $/D 115 Work Days – MTWTF– Requires Skill: Charisma – 1, Guitar – 2, Writing – 2 Preferred Mood: Playful

3. School Entertainment –
Possibly the toughest crowd to please.. You succeed at this, you can succeed at anything!

$/H 30 $/D 150 Work Days – MTWTF– Requires Skill: Charisma – 3, Guitar – 3, Writing – 3 Preferred Mood: Energized

4. Town Buskers –
Get a thumbs up from your local townsfolk, and give a push in the right direction.

$/H 37 $/D 185 Work Days – MTWTF– Requires Skill: Charisma – 5, Guitar – 5, Writing – 5 Preferred Mood: Confident

5. Local Bar Performers –
Word is spreading of your upcoming fame. Keep going, you’ll get there.

$/H 45 $/D 270 Work Days – -TWTFS- Requires Skill: Charisma – 5, Guitar – 6, Writing – 5 Preferred Mood: Happy

6. Campsite Band –
Now you’re venturing out, maybe it’s time you look into a bigger audience… maybe at holiday sites. After all, if you can entertain families, you can entertain anybody.

$/H 113 $/D 904 Work Days – -TWTFS- Requires Skill: Charisma – 6, Guitar – 6, Writing – 6 Preferred Mood: Happy

7. Online Celebrities –
You have become an online sensation, the bigger bands are starting to notice you too!

$/H 150 $/D 750 Work Days – MTWTFS- Requires Skill: Charisma – 7, Guitar – 7, Writing – 7 Preferred Mood: Confident

8. Stand In Band –
The more well known bands are starting to request you to be a back up if they can’t make it to a venue!

$/H 255 $/D 1785 Work Days – MTWTF– Requires Skill: Charisma – 8, Guitar – 8, Writing – 8 Preferred Mood: Confident

9. Supporting Artists –
You’re almost there, you have made it to the main stage but supporting a main act. One more step and you’ll be making it to center stage yourself!

$/H 450 $/D 2250 Work Days – MTWTFSS Requires Skill: Charisma – 9, Guitar – 9, Writing – 9 Preferred Mood: Energized

10. World Famous Band –
You have made it! Number 1. Top of the world. From all of those garage sessions, to performing in the town. You are stars!

$/H 600 $/D 3600 Work Days – MTWTFSS Requires Skill: Charisma – 10, Guitar – 10, Writing – 10 Preferred Mood: Energized

How to Download Mods on Sims 4 ?

1.Download the mods

2.Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods. Moving the custom content into the Mods folder.

3.Make sure the mods works in your game.

Credit : by Lotus221

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