Sims 4 Armageddon Mod

by MiCat
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Sims 4 Armageddon Mod
  • Key Features
  • This mod adds a new pie menu “Supervillain” inside the “Armageddon” menu and inside you can find the interactions and pie menus linked to the mod
  • Becoming A Supervillain:
  • Inside the “Injustice” piemenu you’ll find an interaction called “Seek Super Dark Powers From The “Hell Flames Spirits” – Social Event
    This will start “A Villain Is Born” social event where you’ll have to kill a few sims!
  • Getting a gold medal will reward your sim with the dark powers as a gift from “Hell Flames Spirits”
  • Failing the quest or getting less than gold won’t reward you with anything and you’ll have to re-do the quest to earn the powers.
  • Teens > Elders can become supervillains
  • Dark Powers!
  • As a supervillain you’ll have supernatural abilities used cause chaos and corruptions, you’ll unlock more abilities with each “Dark Power” skill.
  • Your supervillain sim will have a new motive “Dark Energy” that is used to perform spells and powerful interactions
  • This motive replaces the “Social” motive while your sim is a “Supervillain” the “Social” motive comes back if you choose to remove the super powers from your sim.
  • It can be recharged by choosing the “Recharge Dark Energy” interaction inside the “Supervillain” pie menu.
  • Dark Spells
  • Dark spells come in 2 different types:
  • Deadly Trails “Equipable lethals that causes death to any sim within a radius of your supervillain”
  • Nearby Sims Spells “Spells casted to frighten or cause harm to sims within a radius of the supervillain casting the spell”
  • Additional Notes:
  • There’s more information and gameplay that you’ll experience when you play the mod yourself!
     I wanted to cover the basics in the release notes, all other information is explained within the mod itself.
  • There are new “Superhero” & “Supervillain” outfits for both Male & Female Sims!
  • Piemenus
  • Menus within the “Supervillain” pie menu containing interactions related to them.
  • Injustice
  • A menu containing situations where you have to battle with peace forces or help a criminal run away!
  • Successfully helping a criminal or intimidating a peaceful force will reward your sim with simoleons and will increase “World’s Corruption”
  • You’ll unlock selectable Injustice quests with each “Darkpower” skill.
  • Available Injustice Quests
  • Cops Situation
  • Bootleg Heroes Situation
  • Runaway Burglar Situation
  • Runaway Serial Killer Situation
  • Forces Of Peace Situation
  • Superhero Situation
  • Deadly Trails
  • A menu containing equipable lethals that causes death to any sim within a radius of your supervillain
  • Available Deadly Trails
  • Deadly Flames
  • Gates Of Hell
  • Lightning Bolts
  • Deadly Drivers
  • Crashing Helicopters
  • Deadly Explosions
  • You’ll unlock each Deadly Trail as your sim levels up the “Dark Power” skill, starting from level 2.
  • I’ve added an interaction to supervillains called “Send Dead Sims To Graves” in order to reap all dead bodies at once so you can travel or enter CAS at ease.
  • You’ll have to be at the same floor as the dead body in order for it to get reaped.

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