scarf from Knifty Knitting sweater

by Yato Kagura
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scarf from Knifty Knitting sweater

bgc, teen-elder unisex, all lods 28 swatches in the Historian Palette This is the scarf from the “Knifty Knitting” sweater of death separated. A few “warnings” you should heed: This does work with a good range of tops and outfits (everything that allows necklaces). However, there will also be clipping and there’s not much I can do to prevent that. Every top/outfit is so different, I would have to make a separate scarf for each to work perfectly (they don’t have a shadow map for the same reason). For the same reasons, some hairs will clip with this (it looks really cute with updos).

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Credit : myfawnwysimblr

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