saddle shoes add ons in vintage neutrals

by Yato Kagura
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saddle shoes add ons in vintage neutrals

I wanted some recolors of the saddle shoes for some reference screenshots I was taking in the game and couldn’t find any. I’m kind of surprised no one had recolored this base game mesh this way (that I could find). These are just extra swatches of the base game saddle shoes in all ten shades of my Vintage Neutrals Palette. Nothing fancy beyond that, except that I cleaned up the texture a little. It still doesn’t look… great, just better I suppose. These shoes are for both male and female sims, just like the original items. I was using them for 1940s styling, but they should go earlier and later as well.

How to Download Custom Content on Sims 4 ?

Credit : waxesnostalgic

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