Road to Fame Mod sims 4

by Yato Kagura
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Road to Fame Mod sims 4

Road to Fame Mod sims 4

Dance Moves :

  • Twist Dance (Level 1)
  • Arm Waves (Level 2)
  • Shuffle Dance (Level 3)
  • Body Sway (Level 4)
  • The Robot (Level 5)
  • Twerk (Level 6)
  • Crowd Pleaser (Level 7)
  • Flair Dance (Level 8)
  • The Clock (Level 9)
  • Breakdance (Level 10)
  • *Your sim will get “In The Zone” when they keep dancing using any interaction from the Street Dancing skill.

While your sim is “In The Zone” their needs will stop decaying & their negative moodlets will decay at a faster rate!

Available Interactions

  • Practice Street Dancing  (Level 0)
  • Purchase Street Dance Items (Level 0)
  • Perform Mixed Dance Moves (Level 3) *Your sim will shuffle through the dance moves that they’ve unlocked*
  • Perform Mixed Dance Moves With… (Level 3)
  • Perform For Money (Level 5)
  • Perform For Money With… (Level 5)

  • Your sim will be able to form a dance squad and do the following:
  • Add/Remove Sims from the Dance Squad
  • Practice Street Dancing With The Squad
  • Perform Mixed Dance Moves With The Squad (Level 3)
  • Perform For Money With The Squad (Level 5)
  • Call Squad Members Over
  • Invite Squad Members Over

Dance Squad

Road to Fame Mod sims 4

  • Phone On Tripod

    You can use this object record street dancing videos for StreetTok to gain followers.
  • Portable Kaboom Box

    A portable stereo with high quality speakers, you can take it anywhere to play music while you’re dancing.
  • Street Dancing Rug (4 Colors)

    A rug that you can perform street dancing moves on.

  • StreetTok

A new social media platform designed for street dancers.

  • You can gain followers by recording street dancing videos using the “Phone On Tripod” Object.
  • You’ll gain more followers upon leveling up the  “Street Dancing” Skill
  • You’ll gain a fame level upon reaching 1 Million StreetTok followers
  • Street Popularity

Road to Fame Mod sims 4

A status defining how popular you are in the street dancing community.

  • You can gain popularity by street dancing in front of other sims, you’ll notice some sims recording videos of you which will increase popularity.
  • You can also increase street popularity by posting videos to StreetTok
  • Once your popularity reaches 100, you’ll start getting offers to participate in a “Street Dancing Competition”
  • Street Dancing Competition

An event where you have to compete against a rival street dancing squad to win simoleons and fame!

  • The sim with the higher street dancing skill will win the competition
  • Having equal levels will make the winning odds 50%
  • The winner will gain §5000 simoleons
  • You’ll gain additional §5000 and a fame level upon earning a gold medal in the event.

=You can also participate through a (Rabbit Hole) if you don’t want to start the event.

  • Street Dancing Autonomy
  • You can enable/disable SLOW/FAST autonomous street dancing from the mod’s autonomy options
  • There’s a “Street Dancing” club activity for Get Together EP’s Club System
  • There’s a “Street Dancing” holiday activity for Seasons EP’s Holiday System
  • New Stings (Sound Effects)
  • I’ve mixed 10 new unique stings that will play when using interactions from the Street Dancing skill
  • The stings will play when “Gaining a new Street Dancing level, Creating a StreetTok account” etc….

Credit: sacrificialmods

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