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Requires: Base Game & Vintage Glamour*

by KawaiiStacie
This one seems to be a fairly recent release by Kawaii Stacie. Build out a resort lot and plan an event on your Sim’s phone. You can use the Become a Resort Owner event to trigger ownership of a resort lot, and from then on you will have a Resorts skill that you can gradually level. It’s definitely a viable money maker, and uses get to work style gameplay. Back in Sims 3 days there was a resort ownership option so it’s kind of cool a modder brought it back. It’s something you imagine a very wealthy Sim doing with all that extra money, sticking it into real estate and snowballing their wealth.

Some interactions towards staff members may require other packs (vintage glamour) which should still be fine since what makes it work you only need base game.

 Resort Lot Requirements:

– Bedroom (Double & Single beds)

– Kitchen (Stove, fridge, counter)

– Multiple front Desk (Desk, chair, Computer)

– Bathroom (Toliet, shower/tub, sink)

– Fun activities (Pool, TV, etc…)


How to set up VISITING resort

  • Place/Build the lot
  • Avoid using “generic” lot types
  • Put the lot trait “resort/hotel” on the lot
  • Visit the lot

Quick Information

  • You will pay $50 to enter and $50 daily at 11:00am
  • You can request things from the staff, alert them of things, and even tip them!It can take 2-3 hours for the lot trait to activate so I recommend going at 4-5am or 6-7pm
  • The resort lot trait can be put on any lot except generic! I have tested it out on residential, ancient ruins, beach, and island buffs lot types only and those worked.


How to set up YOUR resort;

  • Place/Build lot.
  • Avoid using “generic” lot type FOR NOW! You can change the lot type to “generic” after you get gold on the event that one time!
  • Use your phone to plan the “become resort owner” event!

Quick Information

  • When you get gold you have to travel to your lot when you want to open the resort and use your menu to open the resort!It can cost $500-1000 to open your resort
  • The higher your skill level is the more more you will make when you get bronze, silver, or gold! You can gain the skill by getting bronze, gold, or silver. You can also gain the skill by interacting with the customers using the menu.
  • DO NOT put the “resort” lot trait on YOUR resort!
  • You can interact with your customers and staff! You can brag about owning a resort to other sims which gives materialistic sims some satisfaction! 
  • Opening the resort lasts 24 hours but you can end it whenever you want to!

How to Download Mods on Sims 4 ?

1.Download the mods

2.Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods. Moving the custom content into the Mods folder.

3.Make sure the mods works in your game.

Thank you for reading, Enjoy ♡


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