puncture resized and corrected ea piercings

by Yato Kagura
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puncture resized and corrected ea piercings

puncture resized and corrected ea piercings

when i said i was gonna upload “this weekend”, i meant 2 weeks from then. 👀 anyways, i finally got around to fixing and correcting some issues with these bad bois. if you’re using older versions of my resized piercings, i encourage you to delete those and replace them with these instead lmao. – these piercings ARE NOT base game compatible. they are resized OVERRIDES from the following packs: discover university (EP08) eco living (EP09) werewolves game pack (GP12) fashion street kit (SP24) – fem and masc frames are included – all left and right versions are included – they may differ in appearance depending on slider/preset usage, so clipping is expected on very exaggerated facial features – i also tried my best to match the metallic swatches across each pack (not sure why ea didn’t do that but ok) – speculars are also slightly edited to match a bit better (again ea why) – i think that’s everything lol if you have any issues or questions please let me know!~

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