OmegaSwordEX’s Adult Careers 

by Yato Kagura
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OmegaSwordEXs Adult Careers 

Omega’s Adult Careers (Plus Extras)

Carreiras Adultas do Omega (+ Extras)

Here are some Careers I made using Neia’s Create-A-Career Tool.
They’re mostly adult related careers with one “cheaty” career I made for sims I had no idea what to do with job-wise or just didnt want them out for too long.

These careers have absolutely NO dependence on WickedWhims and are purely cosmetic, no traits, special objectives or workplaces are added

All include English and Brazillian Portuguese language strings.

Installation: Drag and drop the contents of the compressed files to your Mods folder. Do not leave the scripts in nested folders in the Mods folder. 


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