Download The Sims 4 Cult mod

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Sims 4 Cult mod

Download The Sims 4 Cult mod

How To Start A Cult

To start a cult, simply click on your active sim and select “Start Plumbology Cult” in the cult mod menu or “Set as Cult Leader” in the settings menu (You can make a npc or additional sim a leader or any cult member rank this way).
Then they will receive the “Plumbology Cult Leader” gameplay trait and will now have a cult menu pop up when you click on other sims.
You can now “Talk About Plumbology”, “Recite Plumbology Creed”, and/or “Invite To Join Plumbology”.

Sims 4 Cult mod
Sims 4 Cult mod

If you are successful in getting a sim to join the cult you will get a happy moodlet/buff and so will the other sim. The other sim will also gain the “Plumbology Recruit” gameplay trait.
If the other sim does not want to join (likely due to not knowing you well or not in a good mood) they will get a bit tense, but nothing will show up for your sim.
You will then be able to “Explain Ranking System” to your recruits or if you decide they are no longer recruit material, you can kick them out.
Recruits can “Request More Information about Plumbology” but don’t have many other cult interactions other than asking to be accepted as a member, which may or may not go well. For a recruit to become a member you can simply use the “Accept Recruit as Member of Plumbology” interaction whenever you wish, but it is more fun to start a “Cult Initiation Ceremony” found under social events.
Once you accept a recruit, they will be given the “Plumbology Member (Ruby Rank)” gameplay trait. This trait unlocks new interactions such as “Praise Plumbology Leader”. They can also now “Explain Ranking System” to recruits and ask other sims to join the cult and help it grow as well. They will also treat the cult leader as a bit of a celebrity and be “in awe” when in their presence.
Cult leaders can use “Ask For Offering” (yes you will actually get money), “Mentor in Plumbology”, or “Promote to Carnelian Rank” on “Plumbology Member (Ruby Rank)” members whenever they want.
If you promote a member, they will then gain the “Plumbology Member (Carnelian Rank)” gameplay trait and also be able to mentor lower rank members. You can also demote these members (making them sad) whenever you like, should they do something against your wishes. There is also a third rank “Plumbology Member (Emerald Rank) which sims can be promoted to.

Download The Sims 4 Cult mod

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