Custom Channels Injector

by Yato Kagura
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Custom Channels Injector

Custom Channels Injector

The Custom Channel Injector mod aims to facilitate the addition of custom radio and TV channels to The Sims™4. It is mostly made for fellow modders, as it still requires the creation of the XML tuning files for both the channels and the corresponding listening interactions. It also requires an extra snippet tuning file, that is explained in details in this documentation. If you are not familiar with XML modding yet, I recommend first experimenting, and making sure your channels work fine on custom objects. What this mod provides is, once you are done with the XML files, it will automatically add your custom radio/TV channels to every stereo/TV object in game. It is injecting with a script, not overriding any file, so it is compatible with any mod already touching to channels or stereo objects.

Credit : SashaT1804

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