Blackpink K-Pop Career

by Yato Kagura
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Blackpink K-Pop Career

this career for people who wish to play a Blackpink Idol career! You start with Level 1: Casting for YG Ent. this requires already high skills since you apply to be a K-pop Idol, which is not for everyone! The required skills are: Dancing level 3, Acting level 2, Singing level 5 When you manage to meet all skills and work your way up, you’ll be a Trainee! This requires: Dancing level 4, Acting level 3, Singing level 7 and theeen.. you’re a background dancer! This requires: Dancing level 5, Acting level 8, Singing level 9 If you become good enough.. you’ll be teamed up with Blackpink! Of you need following skills: Dancing level 5, Acting level 10 and Singing level 10 you only need to drag and drop the folder in your mods folder.

How to Download Custom Content on Sims 4 ?

Credit : Livyyy

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